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What’s with the carpet area and built-up area of your dream home?

Are you looking to buy a home but confused about the terminology like carpet area, built-up area, and super built-up area? Well! Worry not! We at Giridhari Construction are here to assist you with information regarding everything related to buying a home.

Buying a house is not easy as it is not something to be done in a hurry. It is an individual’s dream to purchase the desired house. The transition from rented home to own house is the biggest dream for all. However, certain things make home-buying sound difficult. Today we will address some such concerns, especially the ones related to the way the area of the house is measured and termed.

Carpet Area

Carpet area is considered as the area of the apartment excluding walls, bathroom, balcony, common area, utility area, lift, lobby, stairs, play area, etc. It is an actual living space (inner surface area) we get to use.. So whenever you are planning to buy a house, focus mainly on the carpet area, the area which will be whole and sole yours.  Carpet area is usually 70% of the built-up area.

Built-Up Area

To get a clear idea about the Built-up area, you firstly need to understand what wall area is. Wall area is the thickness of the inner wall. Let us assume if the builder says built up area is 1200 square feet, it means 70% of it will be carpet area that is 840 square feet and 30% will be the actual built up area that is 360 square feet including the wall area.

840+360=1200 square feet (Carpet Area +Wall Area= Build-up Area)

Super Built-Up Area

It is the area acquired by adding built-up area and common area that include all the amenities like play area, swimming pool, garden, lift, gym and a club house.  The builder is going to charge you on the super built-up area as they are offering extra services.  Super built-up area is also called as saleable area.

Carpet Area + Build-up Area = Super Build-up Area

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